Dealer Program for True Professionals

Be your own boss and work for yourself, not by yourself!

Why Choose SSI?

SSI has developed a turn‐key dealer opportunity for the Security, Locksmith and Integration industry like no other. Our program was designed BY technicians FOR technicians – no corporate red tape! The Dealer Program allows the dealer to focus on making money with sales and installations. SSI has taken care of all the money losing, time consuming issues of owning a business. Our SSI dealers have full access to…

  • SSI Technical Assistance

    – We offer a combined 40 years of industry experience. Having trouble programming a panel or putting together a tender? SSI corporate staff are there to help! Our corporate staff are continuously bench testing new products and developing new applications to simplify the franchisees learning curve.

  • Branch Advertising and Marketing

    – We strive to have a recognizable brand name in Ontario. Through our website, online marketing and promotional material the SSI Dealer brand reaches thousands of potential customers.

  • Flexible Recurring Subscription Revenue

    – SSI has a number of subscription revenue streams including alarm monitoring, video monitoring, phone service, annual maintenance etc. This subscription revenue reoccurs month in and month out to increase the franchisees revenue.

  • Invoicing and Receivables

    – Invoicing receivables and processing equipment purchases are taking care of by corporate SSI staff. Dealers can focus on customer relationships and revenue building.

  • Step By Step Tutorials  

    – Owning a business can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve never owned a business before. We have step by step tutorials at your fingertips to help make the transition a lot easier. You also have Full Access to our E-commerce website, invoicing system & accounting program. The tutorials and SSI staff are just one click or call away!

  • Customer Tech Support

    – Incoming customer questions and support can be very time consuming for a dealer. SSI corporate staff solves many customer inquiries on a daily basis.

  • Dealer Group Services    

    – SSI does not require an initial startup dealer fee. SSI retains a monthly Group Service fee based on the individual dealer sales. This is not a fixed dollar amount allowing the time needed to build up the customer base.

  • Group Power

    – No project is too big to take on. Other dealers are available for additional labour support for those large projects. Also allowing yourself to assist other dealers for valuable experience and additional labour revenue. Professional installers on the job site helps speed up the project and reduce labour. Many small businesses are handcuffed by their customers and daily business activity. SSI corporate and dealers will assist all individuals to allow them bereavement, sick and family holiday time.

  • Group Purchasing Power

    – SSI has and continues to negotiate with equipment suppliers for the lowest cost. The lower equipment costs allows each dealer to have a competitive cost advantage over the local competition.

  • Free Shipping

    –  We have negotiated free shipping from one of our largest equipment distributors. The franchisee saves thousands of dollars in shipping cost throughout the year.