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Frequently Asked Questions:

My Alarm System is Beeping

  • Pressing the  # Button located on the bottom right of the keypad can silence the keypad. The keypad beeping is usually because of a trouble condition with the alarm system. Please refer to “Trouble Conditions” in your security system manual or download from the link below.

DSC UserGuide PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 – Download Here

My Alarm System Will Not Turn Off and the Code Does Not Work  

  • In a situation where the alarm system is non responsive and no keypad commands are working, the alarm system can be reset or disabled temporarily by powering down the system. The alarm system has TWO power sources that would need to be unplugged. The alarm battery located in the main panel (typically installed in the utility room or near the electrical panel) and the AC transformer plugged into a wall outlet near the main panel.

How To Add/Delete A User Access Code

  • The system will allow up to 72 individual user codes. As codes are added and deleted, keep a list in a safe location for reference. An accurate list will help track codes as future changes are made.

To Add or Change a User Access Code:

1. Press * 5, then enter Master Code.

2. Press 2-digit user slot number (01-72)

3. Enter 4-digit user code

4. Press # to exit.


To Delete a User Access Code:

1. Press * 5, then enter Master Code.

2. Enter 2-digit user slot number (01-72)

3. Press *.

4. Press # to exit.


Trouble Conditions

  • When a trouble condition is detected, the System Trouble (Δ) indicator will turn on and the keypad will beep every 10 seconds. Press # to silence the beeps. Press * 2 to view the trouble condition. The Trouble indicator will flash and the corresponding trouble number will display. Use the chart below to determine the trouble condition:

1……….Service required. Press [1] again and one or more of the below numbers will appear on the keypad display:

1. Low Battery                                              5. General System Supervisory

2. Bell Circuit Trouble                                6. Not used

3. General System Trouble                        7. PC5204 Low Battery

4. General System Tamper                        8. PC5204 AC Failure

Action: If low battery appears, replace panel backup battery. If any other trouble appears, call for service.


2……….Indicates the loss of AC power.

Action: If building/house has power, but panel has no power, verify system is still plugged in to outlet. If no apparent reason for trouble, call for service.


3……….Telephone line trouble.

Action: If telephones do not have dial tone, call phone company for service. If telephones do have dial tone, call alarm company for service.


4……….The panel has failed to communicate with the monitoring company.

Action: If Trouble 3 also present, follow steps above to clear telephone line trouble. Once that is done, a signal must be sent to the monitoring company to clear Failure to Communicate.


5……….Zone fault. Press [5] again and the problem zone will display on keypad.

Action: Call for service.


6……….Zone tamper. Press [6] again and the problem zone will display on keypad.

Action: Make sure sensor cover is on correctly and tightly. Call for service if problem remains.


7……….Sensor low battery. Press [7] again and the sensor with the low battery will display on keypad.

Action: Replace battery(ies) in wireless sensor.


8……….Loss of time on system clock.

Action: Reprogram time and date.

To Set Time and Date

  • Press *6 and enter the 4-digit Master Code
  • 1 long beep indicates an error, press # and enter the Master Code again
  • After 4 short beeps, press 1 then 10 digits, 2 each for the hour, minute, month, day and year (HH:MM MM/DD/YY)  Eg. 20:30 03/08/17

– Use a 24-hour clock (eg. 8:30pm = 20:30)

– Use a 2 digits each to indicate the month and day (e.g. March 8 = 03 08)



Product Manuals

DSC User Manual PC 1616 – Download Here


GEM-P800_OI219c_USER – Download Here